San Onofre原発とカリフォルニア


蒸気発生器の問題でSan Onofre原発2号機(117万kW)が停止したまま夏を迎える。


Officials from California's grid operator and Southern California Edison will roll out an energy conservation campaign Wednesday, asking customers to save power over the summer in light of the outage at San Onofre nuclear plant and the region's tight energy supply.

California Independent System Operator, the nonprofit that oversees most of California's energy grid, will monitor conditions over the summer and issue alerts when outages are possible. Customers may be asked to cut back their energy use. Heat waves, fires and outages at power plants or transmission lines can strain the system.

The ISO will issue "Flex Alerts" to ask consumers to turn off unnecessary lights and appliances, adjust their air conditioning to 78 degrees or higher or use a fan, and postpone use of major appliances until after 6 p.m.

San Onofre, which powers about 1.4 million homes in Southern California, has been offline since Jan. 31 because of issues with its newly installed steam generators and is expected to remain out of service at least through the summer. Officials have said that with contingency measures -- including conservation programs -- in place, the region should be able to make it through the summer without rolling blackouts unless an extreme heat wave or other unexpected strain on the system occurs.

Tom Dunklee, a contract meteorologist for the ISO, said during the second half of the summer, conditions in Southern California are expected to be "considerably warmer than average," although not record setting, with temperatures about 1.5 to 2.5 degrees above average in coastal areas.

The heat will be at about a one-in-five-year level, Dunklee said. Officials said the contingency measures in place should equip Southern California to get through a one-in-10-year heat wave without San Onofre.

カリフォルニア系統運用機関当局及びSouthern California Edisonは水曜日(2012/06/27)に、エネルギー節約キャンペーンを開始し、San Onofre原発の停止および地域の電力需給逼迫により、夏季の電力節約を消費者に求める。


系統運用機関(ISO)は"Flex Alerts"(警報)を出して、消費者に不要な照明や家電機器のスイッチを切り、冷房温度を78F以上に調整し、主要な家電機器の使用を18:00以降にするように要請する。

カリフォルニア南部の140万戸の住宅に電力を供給するSan Onofre原発は新たに設置された上記八席の問題により、2012年1月31日に運転を停止し、少なくとも夏季までは運転再開されない。当局者は、エネルギー節約などの非常対策の実施により、猛暑や系統に予期しない需給逼迫の事態が起きない限り、夏季の輪番停電なしに乗り切れると述べた。

系統運用機関の契約気象学者Tom Dunkleeは「カリフォルニア南部の気温は夏後半には、記録的ではないものの、平年より相当高く、沿岸部では平年の1.5~2.5F程度高いことが予想されている」と述べた。

熱波は5年に1度のレベルであるとDunkleeは言う。当局者は、San Onofre原発が停止していても、カリフォルニア南部に非常対策を実施することで、10年に1度の熱波も乗り切れると述べた。

[ Abby Sewell "Customers urged to save power, avoid rolling blackouts" (2012/06/27) LA Times ]

電力需給が逼迫しているカリフォルニア南部は、今夏最初の熱波を問題なく乗りきった (2012/07/12)

LOS ANGELES-Southern California sweltered under the first heat wave of summer Wednesday with 100-degree highs and miserably sticky weather in urban valleys, but utilities reported no problems with meeting electrical demand even though a major nuclear plant remains shut down.



Electrical demand was up as people turned up air conditioning but not enough to kick-start conservation plans or require utilities to call on reserve supplies.

"So far, so good," said Stephanie McCorkle, a spokeswoman for the California Independent System Operator Corp., which manages the state power grid.

The corporation, known as Cal-ISO, recently unveiled plans to deal with summer weather and the temporary closure of the San Onofre nuclear power station, where two reactors have been shut down for repairs.

New transmission lines, the restarting of retired generators at a Huntington Beach plant and a conservation notification system were in place before the start of the season's first heat wave, McCorkle said.


カリフォルニア系統運用機関Cal-ISOの広報担当Stephanie McCorkleは「これまでのところ、とても良い状態である」と述べた。Cal-ISOは、夏の天気及び、原子炉2基が修理のために停止して、一時的に閉鎖されているSan Onofre原発に対処する計画を公表した。Huntington Beach発電所にある、再起動中の退役した発電機への送電線の新設と、節電通知システムの設置尾、最初の熱波到来までに行ったとStephanie McCorkleは述べた。

In San Diego County, the recently completed $2 billion Sunrise Powerlink transmission line can provide 40 percent more imported electricity to the eastern county if needed, said Allison Zaragoza, spokeswoman for San Diego Gas & Electric.

So far, it hasn't been necessary, she said.

「サンディエゴ郡では、最近完成した20億ドルのSurise Powerlink送電線が、必要に応じて東郡へ電力をこれまでより40%多く供給できる。しかし、これまでのところ、必要となっていない」と、San Diego Gas & Electricの広報担当Allison Zaragozaは述べた。

[ ROBERT JABLON "No power problems amid Southern California heat" (2012/07/11) by AP ]

San Onofre原発停止中のカリフォルニアでは先週末&週明けに非常事態発令

San Onofre原発2,3号機(計215万kW)が脱落したままのカリフォルニアでは節電要請が繰り返されている。先週木曜から金曜(2012/08/9-10)には節電要請が出された。
While California's Independent Grid Operator maintained a rare "flex" alert through 6 p.m. local time on Friday after a heat wave caused a spike in demand, it said the warning was no longer needed through Sunday thanks to cooler temperatures.

"We're looking at a better situation going into the weekend," said Steven Greenlee, a CAISO spokesman. "We promised Californians we would only use flex alerts when we really need them and we don't need them through the weekend, at least not at this time."

2012年8月10日に熱波で需要が跳ね上がって、カリフォルニア独立系統運用機関(CAISO)は、まれな"Flex Alert"を金曜夕方18:00まで発令したが、その後は気温詠歌で日曜日までは、その必要は亡くなったと述べた。

「我々は週末にかけて状況は完全するとみている。我々は本当に必要な時以外は"Flex Alert"を発令しないし、週末はその必要はない」とCAISOの広報担当Steven Greenleeは述べた。


The CAISO issued the alert on Thursday, raising the alarm for what promised to be the grid's toughest test since a heat wave in 2007 drove demand within 7 percent of the state's power capacity, prompting a "stage 1" emergency declaration.


[ California passes power grid test, for now; Mon heat looms (2012/08/11) by Reuters ]
Aug 14 (Reuters) - As homes and businesses crank up air conditioners to escape a lingering heat wave, California's power grid operator again urged customers to reduce their energy use for just one more day to avoid stressing the electric system.

Demand for power reached 46,847 megawatts (MW) on Monday, the highest so far in 2012, and was expected to break that record again on Tuesday, the state's grid operator, the California ISO, said Tuesday.



[ REFILE-California urges power conservation due to heat wave (2012/08/14) by Reuters ]
San Onofre原発2,3号機の再稼働は今夏はまにあいそうにない。3号機は手間取りそうだが、2号機は早めに再稼働できそうとのことなので、来夏はなんとかなるかもしれないが...

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